After I dropped the Stevie Wonder rug off at Recycled Reads, they commented that they then had a request for Jimi Hendrix.  The Stevie Wonder rug was going to go on sale as part of their Black History Month sales, and so I thought I would try to get this one done before the end of February.  I’ve probably mentioned this before, but one of the things I have come to love about making these rugs is the collaboration that goes into it.  My friend put together the pattern for this one, and since he’s got a better eye for graphic design, the pattern always comes out better because of it.  And other than the finished project, my favorite part of making any new rug is going to the craft store with my wife and shopping for yarn colors.  If it was just me doing it, it would be pretty stressful, which would defeat the purpose of this hobby in the first place.  But my wife has an excellent eye for color.  Between my friend and my wife, I’m really just the labor.  The original picture of this one was in black and white, but my wife suggested it be more colorful.  We settled on the colors from his album “Are You Experienced” and she was so right.  She picked out the background color (Saffron, from Red Heart, in case you were interested), and I fell in love with the Big Twist shade of purple we ultimately went with.  This is my fourth “face” that I’ve made, and I really love how they turn out.  My cousin has now requested a Bob Marley rug, so that will be an upcoming project that I’m really looking forward to as well.

size: 36.75 x 39.75

time to complete: 64 hours