A few years ago, exciting things were going on at Marvel Comics.  Jane Foster took up Thor’s hammer.  Kamala Khan became the first Muslim superhero in the Marvel universe.  Spider-Woman got a costume that was workplace-appropriate.  It was a pretty exciting time to collect comic books.

Being a white, American, cis male, I tend to unintentionally live in my own privileged bubble.  When these big changes were happening at Marvel, I started reading comments from other readers talking about how they were finally seeing a lot of characters that “looked like them”.  It’s definitely something I took for granted since growing up most of the Marvel heroes I knew were white like me.  Much more attractive and much more physically fit, but still.  And it helped me understand the importance of having diverse cultural representations in comics, especially for kids to see.

So I wanted to celebrate some of the great changes going on at Marvel with a tribute to some of my favorite female characters in the same style as other rugs in my “Adorables” series.  It’s taken a couple of years to get to this one, and some more changes have happened to these characters since, but really happy to celebrate these kick-ass ladies.

size: 79 x 20

time to complete: 79 hours