Fun story:  I was in high school when I read this book, and I brought it with me on a class trip to I think it was Sioux Falls.  We were staying in a hotel overnight, and I was sitting in the hotel room reading and you remember the part where Danny went into that hotel room with the lady in the bathtub?  Well, I realized that the room number in the book was the same room number of the room I was staying in.  So that was great.

My friend made the pattern of this one for me and we weren’t sure if the gradient look was going to work, but he did a great job of it and my wife helped me find a surprising amount of different colors of greys and blacks and this one turned out looking just like the cover of the book that scared the hell out of me as a kid.

My first recreation of a Stephen King novel from my youth, but hopefully not the last.  But between this and the MST3K rug, the next couple projects need to have some color in them.

size: 37 x 36

time to complete: 62 hours