This latest addition to my Historic Yarns series is a great example of how my mind works.  So a few years ago when I started watching “The Flash” on the CW, I thought that making a rug with the first appearance of The Flash would be a great idea.  But then I was like, “But what about the GOLDEN AGE Flash?!?!?!  Surely I need to make a rug depicting the first appearance of Jay Garrick before I would make one of Barry Allen!”  Because it matters for some reason.  As a result, here’s the first appearance of Jay Garrick, even though I technically wanted to do the Barry Allen cover first.  As it is, I haven’t even gotten to the pattern stage of Barry.  Oh well.  As it is, very happy with how this one turned out.

Size:  32 x 37

Time to complete:  approx. 59 hours