This was my first non-family member, non-friend custom request.  I typically don’t take too many requests because I’ve ordered so many kits already that I need to get through those first to keep my marriage intact, but a woman saw some of my latch hooks at Recycled Reads and asked if I could make a Michael Scott latch hook for her husband’s birthday.  I initially recommended some other folks to her, but when she wasn’t able to find someone else to do it, I thought “What the heck?”  I loved “The Office” and since this would ultimately raise some money for the local library, I think my marriage would be safe.  I’m really happy with how this turned out.  I have a couple other kits in a similar style, so now I know they’re going to look great, but I also think I might explore more of these two-color portraits down the road, especially if I end up ever doing custom requests of pets or people.  Doing a straight-up conversion of a picture ends up looking a little too grainy, painting in just the primary colors sometimes doesn’t translate the best, but this seems like a great way of capturing the spirit of a subject.  It does get a little monotonous but well worth the time.

Size:  33 x 27

Time to complete:  approx. 40 hours