Other than “The Mark of The Man-Wolf” record I had as a kid, I’m pretty sure that this was the first actual issue of “The Amazing Spider-Man” that I ever read, and it set the tone of why I loved Marvel comics.  Here was this classic character and they’d completely changed his costume, which I thought was very cool.  Plus the story was all about how X-Factor was trying to capture Spidey because they thought he was a mutant, and the whole time Spidey was fighting a cold while he was fighting the original X-Men.  Just the fact that fighting a cold was a key plot point blew my mind, and I was quickly hooked on the concept that these heroes were part of the “real” world.

Anyway, this particular issue has a special place in my heart, so it’s not surprising that I tackled this one.  Like the Hulk one I just did, I might re-do this one down the road at a larger size, but I think it still captures the spirit of the cover, and anything that reminds me of a great issue of “The Amazing Spider-Man” is never a bad thing.

Size:  16 x 16

Time to complete:  approx. 13 hours