Here’s the next in my series based off the Marvel 25th anniversary covers.  This was definitely the first G.I. Joe comic I ever read.  Before I started working on this one, I didn’t remember that I had that many of the action figures, but I actually had quite a few.  Roadblock was the first one I ever got.  And I had Big Boa and Chuckles and Gung Ho and Jinx.  I even had enough that I sent off enough proofs of purchase to get that super-soldier guy with the silver flak jacket.  I think one of my friends even had that giant-ass aircraft carrier, and yes, I was extremely jealous.

I read quite a few G.I. Joe comics back in the day, but I don’t really remember any particular storylines.  But I do remember Snake Eyes.  He was definitely the coolest out of all of them and I think his visage ended up making a pretty cool latch hook.

Size:  24 x 35

Time to complete:  approx. 42 hours