I was really excited to tackle this one.  This is the second in my “Historic Yarns” series, this time featuring the heroes who ushered in the Marvel age of comics.  Ironically, I probably have the least interest in the Fantastic Four when it comes to Marvel’s stable of characters.  I don’t dislike them, and I respect them immensely, especially for their place in comic book history, but for whatever reason, I just have never really been able to get into them.  Part of it might be that I’m less interested in the “cosmic” Marvel stories and prefer my heroes grounded and flawed a la Spider-Man.  Regardless, this was the biggest canvas I’ve worked on to date and it was well worth it.  One of the reasons I love the cover so much is that it’s the monster and not the heroes who take center stage on this.  For a first issue, it doesn’t do a particularly good job of getting you excited about these characters, which makes its place in comic book history even more compelling.  It’s hard to believe that the Marvel juggernaut sprung from this, and that’s what makes it all the more fantastic.

Size:  43 x 45

Time to complete:  approx. 101 hours