Getting ready for the new Thor movie seemed like a good time to make a Thor rug.  And a good excuse to try another adaptation of one of the Marvel 25th anniversary covers.  Being more than a little neurotic, my main worry when making a rug of a character’s face is the eyes (or in this case, the eye).  If the eyes look off, it doesn’t matter what the rest of it looks like.  And in this case, it basically came down to one piece of black yarn that would make or break the whole look.  Luckily, my latch hook guy did a great job with this pattern, including adding some rainbow colors to the background for a little Bifrost action.  I’ve got a bunch more kits I need to finish before I get to another Thor, but at some point I’m probably going to try to tackle the image in the corner box from that cover, too.  For now, this might be my favorite one yet.

Size:  24 x 35

Time to complete:  approx. 42 hours