A few weeks ago, I stopped by Hops & Heroes to drop off a rug they had ordered and to see if they’d be interested in the Darth Vader rug I’d made.  It was smack-dab in the middle of Free Comic Book Day, and even though they were super busy, all the staff immediately remembered me even though I hadn’t seen them since they had moved to their new location.  They ended up buying the Darth rug and they commissioned this rug of Wonder Woman for an event they’ll be hosting for the movie premiere.  It was super invigorating to see how much they appreciated these rugs and their excitement over them.  And even though I’ve been making these non-stop for the last year or so, that trip has really motivated me to do even more with this rando hobby of mine.  So I’m hoping this rug will mark the start of my next chapter in latch hook.  Plus my wife really bonded with the staff over the lack of advertising there’s been for the movie, so there’s that.

Size:  20 x 27

Time to complete:  approx. 22 hours