Last month, we had to say good-bye to our oldest dog Eugene.  He was almost 16.  My wife had him since he was 6 weeks old.  He was the most stubborn, trouble-making, loudest dog I’ve ever met.  He also napped with you like nobody’s business.  I first met him when I picked up my wife for our second date.  He was standing in the kitchen and had the loudest howl/bark I’d ever heard.  I was immediately in love with him, although I’ll be honest, he and I became cranky roommates as the years progressed, but we always respected our mutual love of food and naps.  When I met him, I subconsciously knew that if my wife could put up with that dog, surely she’d allow for my many eccentricities (like my obsession with latch hooking).  After he passed, my wife asked if I’d make a rug of him to remember him by.  I was really happy there was something I could do to help remember him.  Although it was pretty sad to slowly watch his face take shape.  This pattern is based off a painting that a friend made of him (posted below).  This rug makes at least 3 separate works of art based on his face.  I’m sure there are more floating around out there.  He was a helluva dog.

I miss you, Eugene.

Size:  20 x 27

Time to complete:  approx. 30 hours