I was very excited to work on this one.  It’s the first design I had more of a hand in other than just finding a cool picture and sending it to my latch hook guy.  My wife had given me a Darth Vader water bottle a few years ago, and it had some very cool designs on it.  So I took a pic, did some real basic color touch-ups in MS Paint and sent it off to get the pattern and kit.  The original color for the lightsaber was white, but my latch hook guy suggested pink and red to give it a glowing effect.  Damn if it didn’t work.

I made this one over the holidays while hanging out with my wife and her family.  I’ve discovered that latch hooking works really well for an introvert like me so that I can be out in the action but it takes some of the pressure off of having to make conversation.  I used to just hide in a bedroom and read a book, and latch hooking has helped me to be more social and can even be a conversation starter when folks ask me what I’m working on.  Thanks, latch hook!

Also, this was the first time I actually tracked how long it took to make the project using Toggl.  This one took approximately 28 1/2 hours to complete, not counting any other finishing work on the back.  That’s a lot of hours, but it was all done while hanging out with friends and family and watching TV, so time well spent all around.

Pics of the process below: